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Trang chủ / Việc làm / Tuyển dụng : Full stack Developer (Technical Dept.)

Tuyển dụng : Full stack Developer (Technical Dept.)


Address: 79/i8 Âu Cơ, Ward 14, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City

Website: http://www.vht.com.vn

Contact person:

About our company:

Established in 19 Mar, 2007, VHT is a professional company in the field of providing customer care solutions. VHT is the first and the only company in Vietnam up to date in achieving certification of ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 in the field of “Supply of Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing services, consultancy and implementation forCloud CRM and Big Data services”. The solution provided by us are operated on a cloud platform to help enterprises easily access information anytime, anywhere on any device, only with Internet connection.

The solution works on the principle of collecting information through various means such as advertising on the website, via email, SMS or QR Code. Then store, manage and synthesize information. Finally analyze data to make intelligent decisions and value of customer care, helps customers more satisfied. The benefits from the analysis of the data will be transferred to the customer via two popular channels as Email and SMS Marketing. The email or SMS sending benefits to the right people, well-timed and never being considered as spam. VHT we are specialists in this job for more than 8 years.

What You Will Do:

– Online developers must be focused on finding simple enough solutions so that other teams can easily use the API but in the same time robust enough to support the heavy traffic we experience each day. Backend optimization and low level programming skills are required.

– Develop new features for existing projects.

– Database and project design for new projects based on specifications.

– Maintenance and support for existing features.

What You Are Good At:

– Experienced with PHP 5, OOP, MySQL 5 and database optimization techniques.

– Experience in software development for the JAVA platform is an advantage.

– Experience with webservice, Json, XML, GUI, Google Analytics, SSL, HTTPS.

– You strive to build great dynamic web pages with HTML5, JS (JQuery) and CSS3.

– Good English speaking and writing.

– Communication skills and ability to integrate quickly in a team.

– Team spirit, sense of responsibility, deadline commitment

– Ability to work under high pressure

– Both junior and senior profiles are welcome

Who You Will Report To

For this position you will report to Manager.

Number of recruitment: 3


Incomes unlimited, it depends on talent, the way to solve problems and experience of each person.

Full range of insurance as social insurance, health insurance, accident insurance,…

Working Location: Ho Chi Minh City

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